Monday, June 22, 2015

Mixtape: N.W.S. - Straight Outta Frisco

@ATNTent @Dav_NWS @Trilla_NWS 
N.W.S. - Straight Outta Frsico 
Hosted by: DJ Rah2k

1. DJ Rah2k Intro
2. Big Dawg Ft. Pablo Skywalkin
3. Bankroll Ft. Remedy
4. Don't Even Worry About it
5. You Never Ft. J Murda
6. Check My Resume Ft. 40 Keyz
7. Fuckin Or What
8. I Got Dat Bag Ft. Wall-E
9. Dope
10. Too Loud Ft. Stu Banga
11. You Kno What To Do Ft. Willy Hen
12. I'm Bout 2 Po'
13. Fuck The Other Side Ft. Fidel Cash

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